How do I setup Business in Dubai?

Setting up a business anywhere in the world requires a great idea and willingness to work. Your business idea can change the world and bring disruption in the market.

But is that enough?

To Setup Business in Dubai (or any other city for that matter), you should have a basic strategy and lay the ground work before you jump into the business. Hiring a proper counselor who can help you setup the business is the core need of the market. Every nation invites different prospects for economic advancement. Similarly, Dubai is the current favorite destination for business investors. Small, medium and large companies are looking for opportunities to Setup Business in Dubai. Although Dubai offers a wide range of investment opportunities, the registration process may find it difficult. Hence, we have simplified it for you. We’ve broken down the process in three simple steps for easy understanding.


1. Location of business operation

Where you conduct your business plays an important role. Depending upon the nature of the business, UAE provides you much more licensing options and opportunities in the MAINLAND (for local consumption, production, imports and exports), SPECIALIZED FREE ZONES (Industry specific Free zones such as Media City, Internet City, Industrial Free Zones etc) and OFFSHORE facilities in every Emirates. Specially there are different zones to setup your business in DubaiFree zones, Offshore zones, and the Mainland.

2. Legal formalities

You need to get different licenses from DED or the Department of Economic Development. Only after gaining all the licenses you can setup a business in Dubai.

3. UAE nationals

For foreign companies, it becomes easy, if they have a local contact. Although it is not compulsory for the process.


In the above section, we mentioned different licenses to get before starting a business in Dubai. Here is the list of all the licenses available:

1. Commercial license – This license covers the permission for all the general and trading activities in the business.

2. Professional license – This license is necessary for the people who wish to practice as a professional. They rely solely on their mental and physical capabilities and not money.

3. Industrial license – To set up a manufacturing industry this license is needed.

4. Branch office license – This license allows international companies to set up a business branch in Dubai.

5. Free zone license – This license gives approval to operate in the Free zone to conduct business activities.

6. Offshore license – It is a license for allowing companies to operate in the Offshore zone. It is a permission given to conduct business abroad or internationally.

Where we come in power:

Setting up a business in Dubai comes with its own set of difficulties especially in the registration process. Moreover, it consumes a lot of time in applying and waiting for the approval. Furthermore, if you make a single mistake in the paperwork, all the hard work is wasted and you need to begin again from zero.

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