Over the time Dubai has proved itself to be an impressive city. Brimming with seven-star hotels, architectural wonders, business parks and cities, Dubai has proved itself from time to time. With the great growth, Dubai brings a great deal of opportunity for businesses through the free zone and mainland.

Excelling in the terms of infrastructure, facilities and security, Dubai government provides the world-classic services to the residents. Through the best connecting and transporting facilities, Dubai offers more than just expectations to businesses and investors. These reasons make Dubai a perfect place to start any business.

Developing business in Dubai mainland comes with its own share of advantages. From freedom to grow the company and staff to the ability to trade free across the UAE, Dubai mainland is the dream location. It is the perfect location for the the businesses to grow exponentially and spread globally.

To work on Dubai mainland and acquire the professional license, the non-resident person needs an UAE National Local Service Agent.

Generally, the process to acquire a business license costs AED 54000, but with the motive to support new businesses develop Xpand UAE decides to go easy on your pockets.

Through Xpand you can get the total professional package in just AED 23999 which saves your additional AED 30000 that you can rather invest in your business.

Bronze Package AED 23,999 includes

Professional Trade License Fees, Sponsorship Fees, Virtual Office Registration Fees, Emigration Establishment Card and Investor Visa. (T&C Applied)

Silver Package AED 34,999 includes

Professional Trade License Fees, Sponsorship Fees, Virtual Office Registration Fees, Establishment Cards, Investor Visa and Approval for 4Nos of employees. (T&C Applied)

Gold Package AED 54,999 includes

Professional Trade License Fees, Sponsorship Fees, Virtual Serviced Office Facility, Establishment Cards, Investor Visa and Approval for 15 no of employees. (T&C Applied)

1. Professional License (100% Expatriate Ownership)

Xpand UAE offers professional license for the businesses to work smoothly in Dubai. Professional licenses covers activities like artisan activities, carpentry, technical services, consultancy services, printing, publishing, internet, and web design services, medical services, beauty salons etc. Like any other main land licenses, professional allows the flexibility in terms of hiring employees, renting office space and many more activities. License fees ranges from AED 9000 to AED 15000.

2. Health Certificate and Investor Emirates ID

Xpand UAE handles the process to obtain Investor’s health card and Emirates ID which is a legal identity card for the business holders. It plays a vital role as an immigration document.

3. Investor Visa (3 years)

Anyone who plans to open a business in UAE or invest in real estate requires Investor Visa. Xpand UAE experts help you walk through the process of obtaining Investor Visa for three years.

4. Local Sponsor Fees

Xpand UAE helps you find the perfect UAE citizen/ local agent to set up your business in the mainland Dubai. Sponsorship Fees Ranges from AED 10,000 to AED 15000 per annum.

5. Office & Shared PO Box

Xpand UAE helps you to find the perfect office at the best location in the mainland Dubai to set up your business. Xpand UAE also provides businesses a shared PO Box number. Through this PO box address, businesses can collect their mail from post office counters. 200 Sqft office setup starts from AED 30,000 to AED 60,000.

Apart from all those services and package benefits, Xpand UAE also provides Business Incubator Services, Accounting Consulting Services, VAT Consulting Services, Marketing Consulting Services, Coalition Business Opportunities, Investor Relations etc. All these services make One Stop Solution available for its customers. Avail this offer as soon as possible because we promise you will love this experience.