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Branch Office License in Dubai is the standard licensing option issued by Dubai authorities to conduct business in more than one place of business within the State. Branch Office License in Dubai cover the permission to maintain more than one address. A branch office license must state the name your company and the location of the place or places of business for which the license is desired.

A Branch Office license is basically issued to operate multiple locations in the United Arab Emirates for business. For that, you need to approach Memorandum of Association, a Certificate of Incorporation and a Shareholders Resolution, along with approvals from various other judiciaries for authorizing the branch office set up in UAE. And here Xpand’s Branch Office Licencing team help you out.

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Xpand Business Services is proficient in helping instigate from scratch on complex Branch Office License procedures and offers best service practice in the industry. Our team of service agents and local partners ensures that the work is done with the best interest in keeping our clients in mind. We undertake negotiations and correspondences with the government departments to establish various types of licenses such as commercial License, professional License, industrial License, Branch Office License and Representative Office Licenses. Our team ensures that all the requirements are catered with the highest efficiency.

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