Commercial Licenses

At Xpand, there is a team of business registration professionals who are passionate about bringing your business dream come true. We provide you with the necessary gear to promote, retain and grow your business. Commercial license (LLC license) covers all kinds of trading activity which sounds a wise option to many business persons as it guard their personal assets from the liabilities of the company in the case of liquidation of the business. A limited liability company can be formed by a minimum of two and a maximum of 50 persons. To comply with the provisions of the UAE Companies Law, Xpand act as your “Local Sponsor”.The partner’s liability is limited to their share capital in a Limited Liability Company. This is the most widely used commercial entity for companies with foreign ownership wishing to conduct commercial activities and trade in the UAE.

Professional Licenses

Start your Professional company as low as 20,000 AED which assures a 100% foreign ownership too. Auditing, Keeping Accounting Records and Books, Marketing Consultancy, Educational Services, Management Consultancy, HR consultancy, Advertising Consultancy, Engineering Consultancy, Medical Services etc are permitted to engage in professional or artisan activities but the number of staffs that may be employed is limited.

An Emirati must be appointed as the Local Service Agent for a professional company. Xpand provides reliable and trust worthy Emarati as local service agent to comply with the UAE Law and the relationship will be regulated through a contract to assure no direct involvement in the said business. We assist you through the entire process to speed up the process where possible.

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Industrial Licenses

Our team of business registration professionals will provide you the services through the clutter of official procedure and formalities establish an industrial license. Right from the no objection from municipality to obtaining the license, Our dedicated Account Manager will assist you through to speed up the entire process.

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Branch / Representative Office Licenses

Xpand covers all services related to the registration of branch/ representative office licensing procedures for a foreign company in the UAE. The law allows a foreign company to exercise its main activity in the UAE by opening a branch or a representative office. The foreign company which opens a branch in the UAE can perform the activities for which it is licensed. A Branch office is a lawful extension of the parent company and is permitted to secure contracts and conduct business activities, which are similar to those of its parents company subject to the approval of the Ministry of Economy. Representative office can practice only promotional business for the products and services provided by the parent company. Only UAE nationals or companies 100% owned by UAE nationals may be appointed as local agents.

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